Thursday, November 15, 2012

October Recap

We went to the pumpkin patch . . .

wore some (pretty sweet) costumes . . .

(Russell costume: Idea came from my friend, Danniey, who is the original Russell costume maker and let me borrow the hat, flag, merit badge sash, and orange scarf for Boybee's outfit. Clothes were already on hand. Backpack is one I repurposed out of a purse from Goodwill with Dollar Store dog leash sewn on to hold carabiners.

Carl costume: Coat and wig from Goodwill, shirt and pants we had on hand, glasses from Target, and bow tie made from this tutorial, though my pieces were bigger to make it chunky.

Kevin bird costume: Tutu I made from this tutorial with yellow, orange, blue, purple, red, and hot pink tulle. Shirt and pants on hand. Bird head I made by drawing on posterboard with markers, mirror imaging each piece so it was the same on the other side, then attaching pipe cleaners to each head feather and each side of the face. Ended by wrapping pipe cleaners around a head band.)

spent time with people we love . . .

and did a few other wild and kooky things . . .

October was good to us.

Friday, October 5, 2012

My Hero

My mom is a master seamstress. So naturally, whenever she visits, she leaves us with all sorts of handcrafted goodies. When she came in September, she was helping me to make (read: making herself) blackout curtains for Boybee's room. On a trip to the fabric store for bobbins, she naturally found another wonderful blanket project in the form of Elmo-like fur material and satin binding. Before she left the store, she decided to get enough binding to make a cape for the Boy.

We have been overjoyed with everything. Boybee cuddles with his blanket and benefits hugely from the darkened room. But perhaps cuter than anything is the way he walks with a cape. He was made to be a superhero.

His baby-sense is tingling. 
(And, no, that's not a euphemism for pee.)

 In search of danger . . . or doggies.

(Disclaimer: I definitely did not dress Boybee up - this is a full-on toddler ensemble. Apart from the pajamas he was still wearing from the night before, he chose everything. His quintessential footwear is authentic Mongolian boots from a friend of mine; he likes how they come up high on his legs.)

Friday, July 27, 2012


While I was away last week for my two-day stint in Seattle, Boybee's language exploded. He said "all done" unprompted at dinner the night I left. He said "awesome" the day after when Dave was changing his clothes. He started saying "Dada" with regularity, and signing "more" articulately and consistently. I couldn't believe how much he'd changed in such a short time. He had turned the corner to language while I was away, and he had become so much more of a little boy in my absence.

But despite my shock (and near panic) at the jump in growing he took, there's one development that I can do nothing but cherish: the arrival of a deliberate "Mama." Oh, it melts my heart to hear him say it. No more of the endless "mamamamamama" that shows me he can say it, but won't. No. He looks at me, prompted or unprompted, and knowingly says my 14-month-old name.

Tonight, as I put him in his crib and sang him a goodnight song, he held my hand close to his chest, smiled sleepily at me, looked me in the eyes, and tenderly said it for the umpteenth time today: Mama. It hadn't lost its novelty. It reminded me of all the wonderful mothers that have come before me – of the sacredness of that title and the legacy that comes with it, and his saying it filled me with such enormous gratitude that I now had the privilege to be crowned with that title by my own baby.

It's humbling to be the Mama of that wonderful little boy, but I love him so much that it consumes and overpowers me in a scary and wonderful way. And I think, just maybe, he's starting to understand that.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Whirlwind Adventure

 one of my favorite shots from our travels:
Boybee seeing the ocean for the first time

I forgot how wonderful it is to be with old friends. Particularly the ones that don't require any catch up, but with whom you can settle back in as naturally as if you'd never parted.

We just returned from a weekend of weddings and travel. It started last Wednesday with a flight to Southern California for the wedding of Dave's best friend, the last of our group of college friends to tie the knot. Originally Dave intended to go alone, but we soon found out that all of our friends would be going, along with most of their wives (with a couple notable exceptions), so we decided to make a family trip of it. Considering that our flight down was delayed three hours (so we didn't leave Portland until 9:45 p.m.), meaning Boybee didn't get to sleep until after midnight:

 can you see how red those little eyelids are?

. . . and considering that all other naps over Thursday and Friday were touch-and-go:

. . . our baby did surprisingly well. I'm upset that I didn't get ANY photos with said friends (we were having too much fun), but I did snap a few of our adventures after the wedding.

 trying to put his own shoe on

Old Vine Cafe blueberry french toast and open faced biscuits with spicy gravy (highly recommend both)

Old Vine Cafe is in this almost-laughably trendy area called "The Camp" - I couldn't help but giggle a little at the inscriptions on each of the parking spaces (each was different, but I think ours was the best)

Culminating in Boybee's first trip to the beach!

Following our partying, eating, and beaching, we flew back to Portland Friday evening, landed at 6:00, and I drove immediately from the airport on my own to Seattle:

. . . for another friend's wedding on Saturday, this time a close friend from high school. I stayed with my best friend, Jordie, and her obliging husband, Jake.

Oh, Seattle! I didn't know what I was missing this whole time of not visiting! How I love thee! Though, it probably has mostly to do with the faces that come along with the city.

We saw the sights on Saturday before the wedding:
Pike's Place entertainer

gum wall (tasted really good)


. . . then Jordie and I laughed and danced our little buns off

(replenishing our electrolytes the best way Mormon girls know how)

 the beautiful bride

 aaaand we're spent

. . . all while I missed my baby terribly and Jordie (endearingly) evangelized my pictures of him to unsuspecting wedding guests.

Actual conversation:
Me: (Gazing longingly at child.) How old is your baby?
Guest: Seven months.
Me: Awww; I have a 14 month old boy.
Guest: (Feigning interest.) Oh, really?
Jordie: Do you want to see a picture of him?!

On Sunday I went to church with Jordie and Jake, gave them a reluctant goodbye, and drove home. I had the sweetest boys waiting for me on my return, and a big smile from the smallest of said sweet boys (and a kiss from the big one). We drove to my in-laws for Sunday dinner and saw almost all our cousins (in town for "Gramp Camp"), during which time Boybee discovered his love for kid-sized automobiles:

I can't get over what a perfect five days it was. Wonderful family time, followed by some thoroughly perfect adult time. I missed Boybee during the Seattle stint, but it was a much needed break, considering this was my first true time away from him in 14 months. A perfect rejuvenation of my mother spirits.

In short, a weekend never to be forgotten.